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Carl Jung: “On Pictures in Psychiatric Diagnosis”

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Symbolic Life

Carl Jung: “On Pictures in Psychiatric Diagnosis”

The case that you lay before me presents every ground for thinking of latent schizophrenia.

This diagnosis is confirmed by the pictures.

There is a distinct tendency to translate living reality into abstractions in order to cut off the emotional rapport with the object.

This forces the ego into an unsuitable power stance with the sole aim of domination.

His (the artist’s) commentary is very enlightening in this respect.

Under these conditions there naturally can be no point in looking for symbols of the self, since there is an overwhelming tendency to push the ego into the foreground and suppress the self.

The ego is an arbitrary fragment, and the self the unwanted whole.

No trace of the latter can be seen in the pictures.  ~Carl Jung, CW 18, Page 802