Letters Volume II


Dear Frau N., 26 January 1959

I gather from your letter that you have a desire and a plan to do something.

This is very understandable and also very useful inasmuch as you learn most of all about yourself.

You say you would “like to get the archetype of the daughter to speak. ”

This you can do any time by playing the role of the daughter who in your view is the counterpart of the Regina Coeli and in that capacity say what you have to say through your identification with this daughter.

It is not altogether clear to me what you mean when you say that you are ”looking for the right place.”

There is no sense in your expecting to be expected anywhere.

Rather you can be quite certain that you are not expected and can say it nevertheless.

If you wish to speak of these things you must also be able to talk to your stove, which cannot even give an understanding nod.

Above all you cannot hope to “collaborate” in some way, for where in our time and our society would you find a person who knew how to express what your uniqueness alone can express?

This is the Jewel that must not get lost.

But collaboration and especially “teamwork” are the quickest possible way of losing it.

You can guard it only by enduring the solitude that is its due.

This is the achievement for which the whole world, in its heart of hearts, is expectantly waiting.

With friendly greetings,

Yours sincerely,

C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Pages 480-481.