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Carl Jung: I am dependent on God’s verdict, not he on mine.

letters Vol. II

To Aniela Jaffe

Dear Aniela, Bollingen, 9 July 1957

Unlike me, you torment yourself with the ethical problem.

I am tormented by it.

It is a problem that cannot be caught in any formula, twist and turn it as I may; for what we are dealing with here is the living will of God.

Since it is always stronger than mine, I find it always confronting me; I do not hurl myself upon it, it hurls itself upon me; I put up no resistance yet am compelled to fight against it, for God’s power is greater than my will.

I can only be its servant, but a servant with knowledge who can make infinitesimal corrections for better or worse.

I am dependent on God’s verdict, not he on mine.

Therefore I cannot reason about ethics.

I feel it unethical because it is a presumption.

God presents me with facts I have to get along with.

If he doesn’t reject them, I cannot.

I can only modify them the tiniest bit.

Good holidays!

Yours, C.G. J. ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Pages 379-380