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But the doctor who fails to take account of man’s feelings for values commits a serious blunder, and if he tries to correct the mysterious and well-nigh inscrutable workings of nature with his so-called scientific attitude, he is merely putting his shallow sophistry in place of nature’s healing processes.

Let us take the wisdom of the old alchemists to heart: “Naturalissimum et perfectissimum opus est generare tale quale ipsum est.” (156)

Footnote 156 “The most natural and perfect work is to generate its like.” ~Carl Jung, Psychology and Alchemy

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  1. Dream:

Under the guidance of the unknown woman the dreamer has to discover the Pole at the risk of his life.

The Pole is the point round which everything turns—hence another symbol of the self. Alchemy also took up this analogy:
“In the Pole is the heart of Mercurius, who is the true fire, wherein his master rests. When navigating over this great sea … he sets his course by the aspect of the North star.”
Mercurius is the world-soul, and the Pole is its heart (fig. 140.

The idea of the anima mundi (fig. 91; c f . fig. 8) coincides with that of the collective unconscious whose centre is the self.

The symbol of the sea is another synonym for the unconscious. ~Carl Jung, Psychology and Alchemy, Page 188.

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The theme of the Fire Mountain is to be met with in the Hook of Enoch. Enoch sees the seven stars chained “like great mountains and burning with fire” at the angels’ place of punishment.

Originally the seven stars were the seven great Babylonian gods, but at the time of Enoch’s revelation they had become the seven Archons, rulers of “this world,” fallen angels condemned to punishment.

In contrast to this menacing theme there is an allusion to the miracles of Jehovah on Mount Sinai, while according to other sources the number seven is by no means sinister, since it is on the seventh mountain of the western land that the tree with the life-giving fruit is to be found, i.e., the arbor sapientiae (cf. fig. 188) ~Carl Jung, Psychology and Alchemy.

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