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And of course the thing that is waiting for them underneath is the jaws of hell, or the depth of the water, or a profound darkness, or a monster or they may call it madness.

And mind you, it is madness to fall out of one’s conscious world into an unconscious condition.

Insanity means just that, being overcome by an invasion of the unconscious.

Consciousness is swept over by unconscious contents in which all orientation is lost.

The ego then becomes a sort of fish swimming in a sea among other fishes, and of course fishes don’t know who they are, don’t even know the name of their own species.

We know that we be long to the species of homo sapiens and the fishes do not, and when we fall into the fish species, we lose our identity and might be anything else. ~Carl Jung, Zarathustra Seminar, Page 1088-1089