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Nowhere more clearly than at this stage of the analysis will everything depend on how far the analyst has been analysed himself. ~Carl Jung, CW 4, Para 447.

Because I know that, despite all rational safeguards, the patient does attempt to assimilate the analyst’s personality, I have laid it down as a requirement that the psychotherapist must be just as responsible for the cleanness of his hands as the surgeon.

I even hold it to be an indispensable prerequisite that the psychoanalyst should first submit himself to the analytical process, as his personality is one of the main factors in the cure. ~Carl Jung, CW 4, Para 586

I required that the doctor himself should be analyzed… ~Carl Jung, CW 10, Para 339

Even analysts are not absolutely perfect, and it can happen that they are occasionally unconscious in certain respects.

Therefore long ago I stipulated that analysts ought to be analysed themselves; they should have a father confessor or a mother confessor.

Even the Pope, for all his infallibility, has to confess regularly, and not to a monsignor or a cardinal but to an ordinary priest. If the analyst does not keep in touch with his unconscious objectively, there is no guarantee whatever that the patient will not fall into the unconscious of the analyst ~Carl Jung, CW 18, Para 323

There are analysts who believe that they can get along with a self-analysis.

This is Münchhausen psychology, and they will certainly remain stuck.

They forget that one of the most important therapeutically effective factors is subjecting yourself to the objective judgment of another. ~Carl Jung to Freud, The Freud Files, Page 47