Marie-Louise von Franz: Niklaus Von Flüe And Saint Perpetua: A Psychological Interpretation of Their Visions


Saturus’s Vision

443 We had died and had put off the flesh, and we began to be carried towards the east by four angels who did not touch us with their hand.

But we moved along not on our backs facing upwards but as though we were climbing up a gentle hill.

And when we were free of the world, we first saw an interior light.

And I said to Perpetua (for she was at my side):

This is what the Lord promised us. We have received his promise:’

444 While we were being carried by these four angels, a great open space appeared, which seemed to be a garden, with rose bushes and all manner of flowers.

The trees were as tall as cypresses, and their leaves were constantly falling.

In the garden there were four other angels more splendid than the others.

When they saw us, they paid us homage and said to the other angels in admiration: Why, they are here! They are here!”

44s Then the four angels that were carrying us grew fearful and set us down.

Then we walked across to an open area by way of a broad road, and there we met Jucundus, Satuminus, and Artaxius, who were burnt alive in the same persecution, together with Quintus, who had actually died as a martyr in prison.

We asked them where they had been.

And the other angels said to us: ((First come and enter and greet the Lord:’

446 Then we came to a place whose walls seemed to be constructed of light.

And in front of the gate stood four angels, who entered in and put on white robes.

We also entered and we heard the sound of voices in unison chanting endlessly: “Holy, Holy, Holy!”

In the same place we seemed to see an aged man with white hair and a youthful face, though we did not see his feet.

On his right and left were four elders, and behind them stood other aged men.

Surprised, we entered and stood before a throne: Four angels lifted us up, and we kissed the aged man, and he touched our faces with his hand.

And the elders said to us: “Let us rise:’ And we rose and gave the kiss of peace.

Then the elder said to us: “Go and play:’ To Perpetua I said:

“Your wish is granted:’ She said to me: “Thanks be to God that I am happier here now than I was in the flesh:’

447 Then we went out, and before the gates we saw the bishop

Optatus on the right and Aspesius the presbyter and teacher on the left, each of them far apart and in sorrow.

They threw themselves at our feet and said: “Make peace between us.

For you have gone away and left us thus:’ And we said to them: “Are you not our bishop, and are you not our presbyter? How can you fall at our heart?”

We were very moved and embraced them.

448 Perpetua then began to speak with them in Greek, and drew them apart into the garden under a rose arbor.

While were talking with them, the angel said to them: ‘Allow them to rest. Settle whatever quarrels you have among yourselves:’ And they were put to confusion.

Then they said to Optatus: “You must scold your flock.

They approach you as though they had come from the games, quarrelling about the different teams:’

449 And it seemed as though they wanted to close the gates. And there we began to recognize many of our brethren, martyrs among them.

450 All of us were sustained by a most delicious odor that seemed to satisfy us. And then I woke up happy.1 ~Marie-Louise von Franz, Niklaus von Flue and St. Perpeua A Psychological Interpretation of Their Visions, Page 207-208