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Carl Jung: You still share the common human lot

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Understanding an illness does not cure it, but it is a definite help because you can cope with a comprehensible difficulty far more easily than with an incomprehensible darkness.

Even if in the end a rational explanation cannot be reached, you know at least that you are not the only one confronted by a “merely imaginary” wall, but one of the many who have vainly tried to climb it.

You still share the common human lot and are not cut off from humanity by a subjective defect.

Thus you have not suffered the irreparable loss of a personal value and are not forced to continue your way on the crutches of a dry and lifeless rationalism.

On the  contrary, you find new courage to accept and integrate the irrationality of your own life and of life in general.  ~Carl Jung, CW 18 , Para 1270