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Secret of the Golden Flower

An ancient adept said: Formerly, every school knew this jewel, only fools did not know it wholly.

If we reflect on this we see that the ancients really attained long life by the help of the seed-power present in their own bodies, and did not lengthen their years by swallowing this or that sort of elixir.

But worldly people lose the roots and cling to the tree-tops.

The Book of the Elixir also says: When the right man (white magician) makes use of wrong means, the wrong means work in the right way.

By this is meant the transformation of seed into power. ”

But if the wrong man uses the right means, the right means work in the wrong way.”

By this is meant the bodily union of man and woman from which spring sons and daughters.

The fool wastes the most precious jewel of his body in uncontrolled pleasure,, and does not know how to conserve the power of his seed.

When it is finished, the body perishes.

The Holy and Wise men have no other way of taking care of their lives except by destroying lusts and safeguarding the seed.

The seed that is conserved is transformed into power, and the power, when there is enough of it, makes the creatively strong body.

The difference shown by ordinary people depends only upon how they apply the downward-flowing way or the backward-flowing way. ~Carl Jung, Secret of the Golden Flower, Page 69-70