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Black Books

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“As on a journey with two companions. I am certain that some kind of terrible, cosmic event of nature is imminent, perhaps the day of judgment, an unexpected wonder that will become real.

Our present world will experience a wholly tremendous upheaval in the shortest time.

I am certain of the meaning and of the high mystical significance of the event, which is a miracle, and feel prepared for it.

I am in elevated state of certainty of the miracle, a transfiguration of all earthly things in the spiritual sphere and in fulfilment.

I journey home with my companions, we fall into captivity in Italy, but since by then the precursors of the great event in the form of a supernatural darkness have already begun to occur, we escape. I and my people are protected, due to being prepared and aware of the
meaning of what is to come.

The event is either a downfall of the world or ‘we no longer see the sun’ due to fog and clouds. But the weather is warmer than previously.”

Fragment from the same night:

“On a volcanic island. I say to someone, I would like to leave the island, because I had made the observation that not only was there a certain opening of the crater, but that the whole ground was hot, which one sees from the fact that the sea suddenly simmers here and there.

That indicates that the whole island can suddenly blow up.”

Associations to the first dream: geological fantasies following the war vision of 1913: at the northern end of the alps a large lake forms, which is connected to the sea.

At the northern border of Switzerland or behind the Zurichberg a mountain range of 200-300 meters rises up.

The level of Zurich falls to a few meters above sea level.

The climate becomes warmer as a result. That does not bode well for the world.

It seems to me as if I have to read again at the university or have to work on people in some other way.

[There are three dated paintings in Liber Novus during this period and three undated paintings either side which may fall within it, which in any case are thematically connected. They are reproduced in the appendix.]~The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 203-204