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ETH Seminar

The sick were pulled through this hole and this is still secretly done to sick children.

I crept through it myself.

These things really do work just as well as our own chemist’s shop.

What affects the body has its influence on the soul, and vice versa. In a very difficult case of illness psycho-therapy is always called in.

There are many rebirth techniques.

Initiates, for instance, were drowned in a vessel and, when brought out, swaddled like newborn babies and given new names or new garments to emphasize that they had b e come different people.

Sometimes an adoption ceremony was used to symbolise rebirth, the initiates were reborn as children of different p parents.

And there is the ordeal of passing through the fire door ; rebirth can take place through fire or water, or through both.

Fire and water are inherent opposites and it is just this which causes rebirth.

When opposites come together new energy is born and this is the purpose of the whole procedure.

These things were originally just primitive manifestations, and in earlier times things were simply lived.

It is very remarkable how the human being acts without thinking; it thinks and we do.

The early form is simple experience, then man slowly begins to wonder why he does it ; then thinking people rationalize and find that what they do has a philosophical meaning. ~Carl Jung, ETH Lectures, 5th July 1935, Page 236.