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Soul: The brightness must be lit up, the fire must be kindled.

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Black Books

Jung: What’s going on in this darkness?

“Light must be created. You must create it out of raw matter that you’ve received. It must still be uttered. Words! The light has shown itself only as matter. It will only become luminous when it has been lifted on high. What the Cabiri carried up must still be pulled up. It must pass through your highest light, through the highest lights: science and art.  All powers must combine for this work.

You are not the only one who must do this. Many must do the same, so that Phanes becomes a kind God of beauty, light, and joy.

You must see and hear more brightly. You must lay stone upon stone. You must bridge abysses, lay a way through the wayless and cover quagmires. Wheat must grow from the mud.

Soul: The brightness must be lit up, the fire must be kindled.

Work must be accomplished, work, the most strenuous work, work toward the one goal, Phanes, the shining one. Therefore you must limit yourself. Cut off others. Complete what has commenced.

You dream too much. I tell you that dreams are over.

Soul: Matter piles up into a mountain. Everything else is flight, avoidance of the mountain. It is to be scaled. No turning back! Arrange everything else under this goal, otherwise the titans of matter will destroy you. What do you want? Do you want your work to be completed? Life goes to one side. Completion comes first .” ~The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 281-283

  1. Thursday. In “Dreams,” Jung noted: “5-8. March 17.

Deepest depression.

Deepest barometer level of the last fifty years.”

He also noted: “On 8. III. Discovery in the evening that Pisces covers Aquarius and that we are already in Aquarius, but only in the unconscious.

Aquarius lies behind Pisces.

7 March, Mercury in conjunction with Aquarius [Jung’s astrological abbreviations have been expanded here].”

This refers to determining the timing of the precession of the equinoxes, and the transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

In 1918, Jung had Rebekka Aleida Biegel (1886-1943), who was doing a PhD in Zurich on ancient Egyptian astronomy and astrology, draw up astrological charts to try to determine the dating of this transition.

On this issue, see Greene’s Studies in Astrology, pp. 166ff.

On Biegel, see A.C. Rumke, Rebekka Aleida Biegel: Eein Vrouw psychologie (Eelde, Netherlands: Barkhaus, 2006). ~The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 281-282, fn 312