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C.G. Jung Speaking

[Per Edward F. Edinger the “X” in the passage below was Father Victor White.]

I [Esther Harding] spoke of the clergy and how they are reaching out for his ideas. . . .

He said, “Only the clergy and we are concerned with the education of the soul.

People may have to go back to the Church when they reach a certain stage of analysis. Individuation is only for the few.” …

Jung went on to say that X. [a mutual acquaintance, a cleric] had never really faced his problem, nor taken up his cross, that ,is, the opposition that forms the cross (crossing his fingers as he spoke).

He need not have been afraid; the Church would not have rejected him.

A Jesuit said to X. once, “You make a fist in your pocket and go on with the ritual!”

But he could not face the fact of evil—just as he denied that Jesus had a shadow, though that is clearly portrayed, even in the records we have.

Not only did he fail on Palm Sunday, allowing himself to be venerated as an imperial savior, and then cursed the fig tree because it did not fall into line, but also he was actually unable to carry his cross, someone else had to carry it for him, a most significant point.

And so he had to be fixed on the cross. If we do not carry our own cross, we will surely be crucified.

So X., who had not enough backbone to carry his cross, had an illness and must die of cancer…. ~C.G. Jung Speaking, From Esther Harding’s Notebooks 1950, Page 440