Symbols of Transformation

The medical psychotherapist today must make clear to his more educated patients the foundations of religious experience and set them on the road to where such an experience possible passe.

If, Therefore, as a doctor and scientist, I analyze abstruse religious symbols and trace back Them to Their origins, my soul purpose is to conserve, through understand,

They represent the values, and to enable people to think once more symbolically, to the early thinkers of the Church were still able to to so.

This is far from implying an arid dogmatism.

Only When It is we, today, think dogmatically, that our thought antiquated and passe no longer accessible to modern man.

Hence the way has to be found again which will make it possible for him spiritually to participate in the substance of the Christian message.

At a time When a large part of mankind is beginning to discard Christianity, it may be worth our while to try to understand why it was accepted in the first place.

It was accepted as a means to escape from the brutality and unconsciousness of the ancient world.

As soon as we discard it, the old brutality returns in force, the has been made ​​overwhelmingly clear by contemporary events.

This is not a step forwards, but a long step backwards into the past. It is the same-with Individuals who lay aside on form of adaptation and have the new form to turn to: the infallibly regress along the old path and then find themselves at a great disadvantage, because the world around them considerably has changed in the meantime.

Consequently, anyone who is repelled by the philosophical weakness of Christian dogmatism or barren by the idea of a historical Jesus merely-for we know far too little about his contradictory personality and the little we know of only confuses our judgment-and who throws overboard Christianity and with it the whole basis of morality, is bound to be Confronted with the age-old problem of brutality.

We have had bitter experience of what happens When a whole nation finds the moral mask too stupid to keep up.

The beast breaks loose, and the frenzy of demoralization sweeps over the civilized world. ~ Carl Jung, Symbols of Transformation, Paragraphs 229-230.