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Carl Jung – The Scarab as a Symbol of Resurrection

000 scarab

The Red Book

What shall I do this whole long morning?

I do not understand how Ammonius could have endured this life for even a year.

I go back and forth on the dried-up river bed and finally sit down on a boulder.

Before me there are a few yellow grasses. Over there a small dark beetle is crawling along, pushing a ball in front of it-a scarab.

You dear little animal, are you still toiling away in order to live your beautiful myth? How seriously and undiscouraged it works!

If only you had a notion that you are performing an old myth, you would probably renounce your fantasies as we men have also given up playing at mythology. Carl Jung; Red Book.

In Synchronicity as a Principle of Acausal Connection (1952), Jung wrote:

“The scarab is a classical rebirth symbol. According to the description in the ancient Egyptian book Am-Tuat, the dead sun God transforms himself at the tenth station into Khepri, the scarab, and as such mounts the barge at the twelfth station, which raises the rejuvenated sun into the morning sky” (CW 8, §843).