Zarathustra Seminars

[Carl Jung: A projection is a very tangible thing and can be created as a sort of projectile.]

Such things can happen: a projection is a very tangible thing, a sort of semi-substantial thing which forms a load as if it had real weight.

It is exactly as the primitives understand it, a subtle body.

Primitives also the Tibetans and many other peoples-inasmuch as they are aware of such things at all, understand projections as sort of projectiles, and of course they play a role chiefly in their magic.

Primitive sorcerers throw out such projectiles.

There are three monasteries in Tibet mentioned by name by Lama Kagi Dawa-Sandup, the famous Tibetan scholar who worked with John Woodroffe and Evans-Wentz, where
they train people in the art of making projections.

And that term was used by the alchemists for the final performance in the making of the gold.

It was supposed that they projected the red matter-or the tincture or the eternal water-upon lead or silver or quicksilver, and by that act transformed it into gold or into the philosopher’s stone.

It is interesting that they themselves explained the making of the stone as a projection.

That is to say, it is something that is detached from one; you detach something and establish it as an independent existence, put it outside yourself.

Now, that may be quite legitimate inasmuch as it is a matter of objectifying contents; or it may be most illegitimate if it is used for magical purposes, or if it is a simple projection where you get rid of something.

But people are not to be blamed directly for making other people suffer under such projections because they are not conscious of them. ~Carl Jung, Zarathustra Seminar, Pages 1495-1496.