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The Red Book

And at that time someone asked me what I thought about world events in the near future. I said that I had no thoughts, but saw blood, rivers of blood.  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 198-199

The other Gods died of their temporality, yet the supreme meaning never dies, it turns into meaning and then into absurdity, and out of the fire and blood of their collision the supreme meaning rises up rejuvenated anew. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 230

You will recognize the supreme meaning by the fact that he is laughter and worship, a bloody laughter and a bloody worship. A sacrificial blood binds the poles. Those who know this laugh and worship in the same breath. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 230

After this, however, my humanity approached me and said: “What solitude, what coldness of desolation you lay upon me when you speak such! Reflect on the destruction of being and the streams of blood from the terrible sacrifice that the depths demand.”‘ ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 230

From then on the anxiety toward the terrible event that stood directly before us kept coming back. Once I also saw a sea of blood over the northern lands. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 231

And I plucked the ripe fruit and gave it to you and I do not know what I poured out for you, what bitter-sweet intoxicating drink, which left on your tongues an aftertaste of blood.  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 231

Every word so far lives for me and strengthens me just where I feel weak, but as you say the world is very far away from it in mood today. That does not matter too much, a book can swing even a whole world if it is written in fire and blood” ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 232, fn 44

If you have still not learned this from the old holy books, then go there, drink the blood and eat the flesh of him who was mocked and tormented for the sake of our sins, so that you totally become his nature, deny his being-apart-from-you; you should be he himsel£ not Christians but Christ, otherwise you will be of no use to the coming God. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 234


I hear the flow of underground waters. I see the bloody head of a man on the dark stream. Someone wounded, someone slain floats there. I take in this image for a long time, shuddering. I see a large black scarab floating past on the dark stream. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 237

A thousand serpents crowd around, veiling the sun. Deep night falls . A red stream of blood, thick red blood springs up, surging for a long time, then ebbing. I am seized by fear. What did I see?  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 237

I was able to link the picture up with the sea of blood I had previously fantasized about. / Though I could not then grasp the significance of the hero killed, soon after I had a dream in which Siegfried was killed by myself It was a case of destroying the hero ideal of my efficiency. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 238, fn 85

Blood shone at me from the red light of the crystal, and when I picked it up to discover its mystery, there lay the horror uncovered before me: in the depths of what is to come lay murder. The blond hero lay slain. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 239

And as the rising sun of spring quickens the dead earth, so the sun of the depths quickened the dead, and thus began the terrible struggle between light and darkness. Out of that burst the powerful and ever unvanquished source of blood. This was what was to come, which you now experience in your life, and it is even more than that.  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 239

Therefore I take part in that murder; the sun of the depths also shines in me after the murder has been accomplished; the thousand serpents that want to devour the sun are also in me. I myself am a murderer and murdered, sacrificer and sacrificed. The upwelling blood streams out of me. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 239

Your blood will stream forth. The peoples demonstrate this at the present time in unforgettable acts, that will be written with blood in unforgettable books for eternal memory. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 239

But I ask you, when do men fall on their brothers with mighty weapons and bloody acts!’ They do such if they do not know that their brother is themselves. They themselves are sacrificers, but they mutually do the service of sacrifice. They must all sacrifice each other, since the time has not yet come when man puts the bloody knife into himself, in order to sacrifice the one he kills in his brother. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 239


They should sacrifice the hero in themselves, and because they do not know this, they kill their courageous brother. The time is still not ripe. But through this blood sacrifice, it should ripen. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 239


Hence all this that takes place in these days must also be, so that the renewal can come. Since the source of blood that follows the shrouding of the sun is also the source of the new life.  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 239


Your blood also will stream from many wounds in this frightful struggle. Your shock and doubt will be great, but from such torment the new life will be born. Birth is blood and torment. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 239


Is this your way, my soul? The blood boils in me and I would strangle you if I could seize you. You weave the thickest darknesses and I am like a madman caught in your net. But I yearn, teach me. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 240


I: “I am a stranger here and everything seems strange to me, anxious as in a dream. Who are you?”

E: “I am Elijah and this is my daughter Salome.”

I: “The daughter of Herod, the bloodthirsty woman?”  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 246


Salome: “Do you love me?”

I : “How can I love you? How do you come to this question? I see only one thing, you are Salome, a tiger, your hands are stained with the blood of the holy one. How should I love you?” ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 246


E: “You heard what Salome said.”

I: “I cannot believe that you, the prophet, can recognize her as a daughter and a companion. Is she not engendered from heinous seed> Was she not vain greed and criminal lust?”

E: “But she loved a holy man.”

I: “And shamefully shed his precious blood.” ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 246


E: “Why are you amazed? But you see it, we are together.”

I: “What my eyes see is exactly what I cannot grasp. You, Elijah, who are a prophet, the mouth of God, and she, a bloodthirsty horror. You are the symbol of the most extreme contradiction.”

E: “We are real and not symbols.”  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 246


Salome loves me, do I love her? I hear wild music, a tambourine, a sultry moonlit night, the bloody-staring head of the holy one’- fear seizes me. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 246


Peter stands in front of her in admiration-then Peter alone with the key-the Pope with a triple crown-a Buddha sitting rigidly in a circle of fire-a many-armed bloody Goddess-it is Salome desperately wringing her hands- it talces hold of me, she is my own soul, and now I see Elijah in the image of the stone.  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 248


A lecherous and bloodthirsty Godhead gives me this false air. This happens because I must altogether suffer the becoming of the God and can therefore not separate it from myself at first. But as long as it is not separated from me, I am so seized by the idea that I am it, and therefore I am also the woman associated with the idea from the beginning. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 250, fn 196


In that I receive the idea and represent it in the manner of Buddha, my pleasure is like the Indian Kali, since she is Buddha’s other side. Kali, however, is Salome and Salome is my soul.  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 250, fn 196


I see the green mountain, the cross of Christ on it, and a stream of blood flowing from the summit of the mountain-I can look no longer, it is unbearable-I see the cross and Christ on it in his last hour and torment-at the foot of the cross the black serpent coils itself-it has wound itself around my feet- I am held

fast and I spread my arms wide. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page  252


The serpent squeezes my body in its terrible coils and the blood streams from my body, spilling down the mountainside. Salome bends down to my feet and wraps her black hair round them. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 252


At that time, the loving light was annihilated, and blood began to pour out. This was the great war. But the spirit of the depths wants this struggle to be understood as a conflict in every man’s own nature. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 253


This is the beginning of the way If blood, fire, and the cry of distress fill this world, then you will recognize yourself in your acts: Drink your fill of the bloody atrocities of the war, feast upon the killing and destruction, then your eyes will open, you will see that you yourselves are the bearers of such fruit.  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 254


I saw the peasant’s boot, the sign of the horrors of the peasant war, of murdering incendiaries and of bloody cruelty. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 254


I knew to interpret this sign for myself as nothing but the fact that something bloody and dreadful lay before us. I saw the foot of a giant that crushed a whole city. How could I interpret this sign otherwise?  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 254


I saw the mountain of the sacrifice, and the blood poured in streams from its sides.  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 254


He [Spirit of the Depths] leads mankind through the river of blood to the mystery In the mystery man himself becomes the two principles, the lion and the serpent. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 254


Thus the redeeming blood flows. Through the self-sacrifice my pleasure is changed and goes above into its higher principle. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 254


It [Spirit of the Depths] determined me through the willing of self-sacrifice, and to the spilling of blood, my life’s essence. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 255, fn 240


I : Well, now you speak like all those Jews who accuse anyone of Jew hating who does not have a completely favorable judgment, while they themselves malce the bloodiest jokes about their own kind. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 260


A dark stream of blood is flowing from his mouth and forming a puddle on the floor. He moans half choking and coughs out blood. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 266


He [the Evil One] is sullied with blood twice over. My hands are covered with it. A rattling sigh escapes from him. Then every stiffness loosens, a gentle shudder passes over his limbs. And then everything is deathly still.  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 266


Where am I? Are there also cases of death in Hell for those who have never thought about death? I look at my bloodstained hands- as if I were a murderer . . . Is it not the blood of my brother that sticks to my hands? ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 266


Your hands are red from living blood, but the moonlight of your gaze is motionless. It is the life blood of your brother, yes, it is your own blood, but your gaze remains luminous and embraces the entire horror and the earth’s round. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 267


It was the enormous dying, a sea of blood. From it the new sun arose, awful and a reversal of that which we call day We have seized the darkness and its sun will shine above us, bloody and burning like a great downfall. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 274


As darkness seized the world, the terrible war arose and the darkness destroyed the light of the world, since it was incomprehensible to the darkness and good for nothing anymore. And so we had to taste Hell.  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 274


I suspect blood and murder. Blood and murder alone are still exalted, and have their own peculiar beauty; one can assume the beauty of bloody acts of violence. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 275


You can subjugate yourself, shackle yourself in irons, whip yourself bloody every day: you have crushed yourself, but not overcome yourself Precisely through this you have helped the Powerful One. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 280


I have sprinkled your altar with my own blood.

I have banished my father and mother so that you can live with me.

I have turned my night into day and went about at midday

like a sleepwalker. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 285


At first I catch sight of the figure of a young maiden with wonderful red-gold hair-a man of devilish appearance is lying half under her-his head is bent backward-a thin streak of blood runs down his forehead-two similar daimons have thrown themselves over the maiden’s feet and body. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 288


Your bloodthirsty tiger growls softly, your poisonous serpent hisses secretly, while you, conscious only of your goodness, offer your human hand to me in greeting. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 289


What abyss of blood-dripping history separates you from me! I grasped your hand and looked at you.  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 289


A marionette with a broken head lies before me amidst the stones-a few steps further, a small apron and then behind the bush, the body of a small girl-covered with terrible wounds-smeared with blood. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 290


One foot is clad with a stocking and shoe, the other is naked and gorily crushed- the head-where is the head? The head is a mash of blood with hair

and whitish pieces of bone, surrounded by stones smeared with brain and blood.  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 290


I reach into the child’s visceral cavity- it is still warm-the liver is still firmly attached- I take my knife and cut it free of the ligaments. Then I take it out and hold it with bloody hands toward the figure. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 290


My gorge rises – tears burst from my eyes cold sweat covers my brow-a dull sweet taste of blood- I swallow with desperate efforts-it is impossible- once again and once again- I almost faint – it is done. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 290


He [Man] must bear witness to this recognition by eating from the bloody sacrificial flesh.  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 291


The ancients have also indicated this to us, in that they taught us to drink the blood and eat the flesh of the savior. The ancients believed that this brought healing to the soul.  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 291


Did not Christ himself restore bloody human sacrifice, which better customs had expelled from sacred practice since days of old? ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 297


The sun of martyrdom has arisen and is pouring bloody rays over the sea. This spectacle lasts a long time, the sun rises higher, its rays grow brighter.  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 299


Christ imposed bloody sacrifice on humanity, the renewed God will also not spare bloodshed.  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 300


Hence my blood has spattered my clothes, and I have stained my robe. For I have afforded myself a day of vengeance, and the year to redeem myself has come. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 300


And I trod myself down in my rage, and made myself drunk in my fury, and spilt my blood on the earth. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 300


Who among the dead suffers thus? Come here and drink blood, so that you can speak. Why do you reject the blood? Would you like milk? ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 304


Are you perhaps demanding the seeds of life for the faded thousand-year-old body of the underworld? An unchaste incestuous lust for the dead? Something

that makes the blood run cold.  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 304


It desired neither blood nor milk nor wine for the sacrifice of the dead, but the willingness of our flesh. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 304

In Book II of the odyssey, Odysseus makes a libation to the dead to enable them to speak. Walter Burkert notes: “The dead drink the pourings and indeed the bloodthey are invited to come to the banquet, to the satiation with blood; as the libations seep into the earth, so the dead will send good things up above” ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 305, fn 223

Image legend: “The accursed dragon has eaten the sun, its belly being cut open and he must not hand over the gold of the sun, together with his blood. This is the turning back of Atmavictu, of the old one. He who destroyed the proliferating green covering is the youth who helped me to kill Siegfried.” ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 305, fn 226

Therefore neither will I walk on his ways, nor make for you any healing brew or immortal blood potion, but rather I will abandon the potion and cauldron and occult work for your sake, since you can neither wait for nor endure the fulfillment. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 309

How much blood must go on flowing until man opens his eyes and sees the way to his own path and himself as the enemy, and becomes aware of his real success. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 310

I saw you, Oh Philemon, at the noonday hour when the sun stood highest; you stood speaking with a blue shade, blood stuck to its forehead and solemn torment darkened it. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 316

They have only just died and rest in the womb of our bloodthirsty Europe.  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 320

It has not  arisen from a patchwork of human thoughts, but has been forged from the glowing heat of the innards; the Cabiri themselves carried the matter to the mountain and consecrated the building with their own blood as the sole keepers of the mystery of its genesis.  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 321-322

To the left we see a circle indicating the body or the blood, and from it rears the serpent, which winds itself around the phallus, as the generative principle. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 364

These figures, which at first are incomprehensible to the beholder, evoke dark processes in his soul, which to a certain extent lie even deeper (such as in the vision of blood), and whose perception requires an aid like the crystal. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 365-366

The story of paradise repeats itself, and hence the serpent winds its way up the tree because Adam should be led into temptation. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 366

Unguided by the eye of reason, unmitigated by humaneness, the fire becomes a devastating, bloodthirsty Kali, who devours the life of man from within, as the mantra of her sacrificial ceremony says: “Hail to you, 0 Kali, triple-eyed Goddess of dreadful aspect, from whose throat hangs a necklace of human skulls.  May you be honored with this blood!”  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 367

As a God, you are the great Abraxas in your world. But as a man you are the heart of the one God who appears to his world as the great Abraxas, the feared, the powerful, the donor of madness, he who dispenses the water of life, the spirit of the tree of life, the daimon of the blood, the death bringer.  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 371

If Heaven becomes pregnant and can no longer hold its fruit, it gives birth to a man who carries the burden of sin-that is the tree of life and of unending duration. Give me your blood! Listen! ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 340

Should a living person give his life for your sake, you who did not live the eternal? Speak, you mute shadows, who stand at my door and demand my blood!”  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 340

What do you want with my blood? Truly, you are even worse than men. Men give little, yet what do you give? Do you make the living? The warm beauty? Or joy perhaps? Or should all this go to your gloomy Hell? What do you offer in return? Mysteries?  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 340

We have to greet a new light, a blood-red sun, a painful wonder. No one forces me to; only the foreign will in me commands and I cannot escape since I find no grounds to do so.  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 341

The sun, appearing to me, swam in a sea of blood and wailing; therefore I said to the dead one: “Should it be the sacrifice of joy?” ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 341

I: “You [Salome] are like the serpent that coiled around me and pressed out my blood.” ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 323

They went over to the son as a token of power. His mockery is bloody, and how contemptuously his eyes flash! ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 329

Now that gets under your [Jung’s “I”] skin, doesn’t it? Take that-and that. What does it taste of? Of blood, presumably? Of the Middle Ages in majorem Dei gloriam? ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 334

I was seized with bitterness at these words and I cried: “You [Jung’s “Soul”] live from the blood of the human heart.” I heard her laughing- or was she not laughing? “No drink is dearer to me than red blood.” ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 335

I know that this is the severity, this is the cruelty; he who has felt you with his hands can never remove the blood from his hands. I have become enslaved to you [Jung’s Soul].” ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 335

She [Jung’s Soul] answered: “Do not be angry, do not complain. Let the bloody victims fall at your side. It is not your severity; it is not your cruelty, but necessity. The way of life is sown with fallen ones.”  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 335

“He [HAP] is the flesh spirit, the blood spirit, he is the extract of all bodily juices, the spirit of the sperm and the entrails, of the genitals, of the head, of the feet, of the hands, of the joints, of the bones, of the eyes and ears, of the nerves and the brain; he is the spirit of the sputum and of excretion.” ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 339

“Yes, drink blood,” she [Female Shade] said, “suck it up, get your fill from the carcass, there is juice inside, certainly disgusting, but nourishing. You should not understand, but suck!” ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 339

She [Female Shade] whispered: “Give blood, so that I may drink and gain speech. Were you lying when you said that you would leave the power to the son?” ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 340

“Tell me, is HAP for you [Female Shade] the sign of the church in which you hope for community with the living? Speak, why do you hesitate?” She moaned and whispered with a weak voice: “Give blood, I need blood. ” “So take blood from my heart,” I spoke. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 340

“If possible, yes,” she [Jung’s Soul] replied, “I would even like to be your dog. To me you are of unspeakable worth, all my hope, that still clings to earth. I would still like to see completed what I left too soon. Give me blood, much blood!” ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 340

“My [Jung’s Soul] blood, the juice of my life, will be your meal and your drink. “Sustain yourself from me, so that life and speech will be yours.”  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 342

Come, you [shades] dark and restless ones, I will refresh you with my blood, the blood of a living one so that you will gain speech and life, in me and through me.  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 342

“Drink from our blood the desire that begets evil, as quarrel, discord, ugliness, violent deed, and famishment. “Take, eat, this is my body, that lives for you [Shades]. Take, eat, drink, this is my blood, whose desire flows for you.” ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 342

What a devilish farce she [Jung’s Soul] carries on with you, as long as she still arrogates divine power over you! She’s an unruly child and a bloodthirsty daimon at the same time, a tormentor of humans without equal, precisely because she has divinity. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 342

“Come drink the living blood, drink your fill so that we will be saved from the inextinguishable and unrelenting power of vivid longing for visible, graspable, and present being.”  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 342

Because when lost they [Spirits of the Dead] are as malicious as the serpent, as bloodthirsty as the tiger that pounces on the unsuspecting from behind.  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 342

Look at man, the weak one in his wretchedness and torment, whom the Gods have singled out as their quarry-tear to pieces the bloody veil that the lost soul has woven around man, the cruel nets woven by the death-bringing, and take hold of the divine whore who still cannot recover from her fall from grace and craves filth and power in raving blindness. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 343

Lock her [Jung’s Soul] up like a lecherous bitch who would like to mingle her blood with every dirty cur. Capture her, may enough at last be enough.  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 343

“Of course,” she [Jung’s Soul] answered, “there I have peace and can collect myself Your human world makes me drunk-so much human blood-I could get intoxicated on it to the point of madness. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 343

The hound’s nature lies in my blood. Therefore I am bitter-for my sake, since how does it move you [Jung’s Soul]! ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 344

Speak without blood, sing from your own force, you have gorged yourself [Jung’s Soul] on men. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 344

You [Jung’s Soul] brute bestial tormentor! You’ve never gotten past compassionate moods. You lived on human food and drank my blood. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 344

We [Vassals of the Soul] drink red wine, dispensing a sacrificial drink in recollection of the meal of blood that you celebrated with us. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 344

What is the beautiful thing that you [Jung’s Soul] robbed when you drank the blood of men and ate their sacred flesh? Speak the truth, for I see the lie on your face. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 344

‘Alas, that I [Jung’s Soul] can neither keep it nor conceal it! It is love, warm human love, blood, warm red blood, the holy source of life, the unification of everything separated and longed for. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 344

“So,” I said, “it is love that you [Jung’s Soul] claim as a natural right and property, although you still ought to beg for it. You get drunk on the blood of man and let him starve. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 344-345

You [Jung’s Soul] will gather around the source of blood, the sweet miracle, and you will come bearing gifts so that you may receive what you need. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 345

I protect the holy source so that no God can seize it for himself The Gods know no measure and no mercy They get drunk on the most precious of draughts.

Ambrosia and nectar are the flesh and blood of men, truly a noble meal. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 345

Endless multiplicity takes the place of what has been forced together, since only diversity is wealth, blood, and harvest. ~Philemon, Red Book, Page 345

Recall what I bore and suffered for you, how I wasted myself, how I lay before you [Jung’s Soul] and writhed, how I gave my blood to you!  ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 345

We [The Dead] implore you to let us in. You have what we desire. Not your blood, but your light. That is it. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 346

And why do you [Philemon] lay out such a teaching to this horde, which the night wind swirled up from the dark blood fields of the West? ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 348

Where is the atonement for the 7,777 cattle whose blood they spilled, whose flesh they consumed? ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 352

This is no polytheism that I [Philemon] have made up! But many Gods who powerfully raise their voices and tear humanity to bloody pieces. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 352

So this is what happened. The earth became green and fruitful again from the blood of the sacrifice, flowers sprouted, the waves crash into the sand, a silver cloud lies at the foot of the mountain, a bird of the soul came to men, the hoe sounds in the fields and the axe in the forests, a wind rushes through the trees and the sun shimmers in the dew of the risen morning. ~Philemon, Red Book, Page 353

Thanks to you, we have embraced your work, we grasped your redemptive teaching, we completed in ourselves what you had begun for us with bloody struggle. ~Philemon, Red Book, Page 356

But it would be far better to live despite the God. But the serpent of the God wants human blood.  ~Philemon, Red Book, Page 357

But the serpent wants to be deceived, out of hope for blood. ~Philemon, Red Book, Page 357

The greater the number of men who stole their lives from the Gods, the greater the harvest feeding the serpent from the blood-sown field. ~Philemon, Red Book, Page 357

Perhaps the one wearing the red robe treads the winepress from which the blood flows.’ ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 357

Hence the Gods are insatiable, because they have received too many sacrifices: the altars of blinded humanity are streaming with blood. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 358

“The suffering of the world has straightened your [Blue Shade] shape.

“You are truly a king.

“Your crimson is blood.

“Your ermine is snow from the coldness of the poles.

“Your crown is the heavenly body of the sun, which you bear on your head. ~Philemon, Red Book, Page 359

1- 2. OCTOBER, 1913

Repeated vision of flood and death of thousands, and the voice that said that this will become real.

3, AUTUMN 1913

Vision of the sea of blood covering the northern lands.

4 – 5. DECEMBER 12, 15, 1913.

Image of a dead hero and the slaying of Siegfried in a dream.

  1. DECEMBER 25, 1913

Image of the foot of a giant stepping on a city. and images of murder and bloody cruelty

  1. JANUARY 2, 1914

Image of a sea of blood and a procession of dead multitudes.  ~Foreword, Red Book, Page 202

The psychological processes, which accompany the present war, above all the incredible brutalization of public opinion, the mutual slanderings, the unprecedented fury of destruction, the monstrous flood of lies, and man’s incapacity to call a halt to the bloody demon- are suited like nothing else to powerfully push in front of the eyes of thinking men the problem of the restlessly slumbering chaotic unconscious under the ordered world of consciousness. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 253, fn 221

The dark sea breaks heavily-a reddish glow spreads out in it-it is like blood- a sea of blood foams at my feet-the depths of the sea glow-how strange I feel-am I suspended by my feet? Is it the sea or is it the sky? Blood and fire mix themselves together in a ball-red light erupts from its smoky shroud-a new sun

escapes from the bloody sea, and rolls gleamingly toward the uttermost depths-it disappears under my feet. ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 274