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Flight of the alone
3578c plotinus

It is rather remarkable to note that Dr. Jung concludes The Red Book with the words:

“The touchstone is being alone with oneself
This is the way.”

Compare this with the words with which Plotinus ends The Enneads in the Chapter entitled: “The Flight of the Alone.”

The Enneads: “F” (conclusion)

Things here are but signs that show to the wise how the Supreme God is known; the enlightened sage reading the sign may enter the holy place and make the vision real.

This Term, attained only by those that have over-passed all, is the All-Transcending.

There is thus a converse in virtue of which the essential man outgrows Being, becomes identical with the Transcendent of Being.

He that knows himself to be one with This, has in himself the likeness of the Supreme; if from that heightened self he can pass higher still—image to archetype— he has won the term of all his journeying.