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Letters of C. G. Jung: Volume I, 1906-1950 (Vol 1)

On February 1, 1945, Carl Jung of his experience to Kristine Mann:

My illness proved to be a most valuable experience, which gave me the inestimable opportunity of a glimpse behind the veil.
The only difficulty is to get rid of the body, to get quite naked and void of the world and the ego-will.

When you can give up the crazy will to live and when you seemingly fall into a bottomless mist, then the truly real life begins with everything which you were meant to be and never reached.

It is something ineffably grand. I was free, completely free and whole, as I never felt before . . . Death is the hardest thing from the outside and as long as we are outside it.

But once inside you taste of such completeness and peace and fulfillment that you don’t want to return … I will not last too long anymore.

I am marked. But life has fortunately become provisional.

It has become a transitory prejudice, a working hypothesis for the time being but not existence. ~Carl Jung; C. G. Jung letters 1: 1906- 1950; pp. 357-9.

Images are Mandalas drawn by Kristine Mann during Analysis with Dr. Jung.