Wolfgang Pauli writes to Emma Jung:

[The stranger] is a spiritual light figure with superior knowledge, and on the other hand, he is a chthonic [dark] natural spirit.

But his knowledge repeatedly takes him back to nature, and his chthonic origins are also the source of his knowledge, so that ultimately both aspects turn out to be facets of the same “personality.”

He is the one who prepares the way for the quaternity, which is always pursuing him….

He is not an “Antichrist,” but in a certain sense an “Antiscientist,” “science” here meaning especially the scientific approach, particularly as it is taught in universities today….

My branch of science, physics, has become somewhat bogged down.

The same thing can be said in a different way:

When rational methods in science reach a dead end, a new lease on life is given to those contents that were pushed out of time consciousness in the 17th century and sank into the unconscious.

[The stranger] happily uses the terminology of modern science (radioactivity, spin) and mathematics (prime numbers) but does so in an unconventional manner. ~Wolfgang Pauli to Emma Jung, Praise of 137: Jung and Pauli a Scientific Obsession, Page 138