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Dr. Freud’s denunciation of Dr. Adler and Dr. Jung


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The Freud/Jung Letters

[Dr. Freud’s denunciation of Dr. Adler and Dr. Jung]

After the disgraceful defection of Adler, a gifted thinker but a malicious paranoiac, I am now in trouble with our friend, Jung, who apparently has not outgrown his own neurosis.” ~Sigmund Freud to James Jackson Putnam, 20Aug1912.

Note: This quotation was found in the Introduction to “Contra Jung” on Page xv which also provided the following Footnote:

Footnote 26: Nathan Hale, ed., James Jackson Putnam and Psychoanalysis: Letters between Putnam and Sigmund Freud, Ernest Jones, William James, Sándor Ferenczi, and Morton Prince, 1877–1917

(Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard university Press, 1971), p. 146.

My American lectures are now finished and will contain various proposals for the modification of certain theoretical formulations. this step was difficult. I shall not however overcome my father following Adler’s recipe, as you seem to suppose. this doesn’t apply to me. ~Dr. Jung to Dr. Freud, Freud/Jung Letters, Page 512.