The Art of the Craft of Dying

For Centuries “The Art of the Craft of Dying” was used as a guide for the dying or for the recently deceased in order to notify the dead that they had in effect died and to assist them in adjusting to the Afterlife.

Sadly this venerable text has fallen into disuse in Christian countries.

We are all mortal and will be confronted with death. It is quite practical to ask ourselves: “How does the deceased know that they have died”? “How will we know when our time comes”?

The Ancients, including early Catholicism, had specific religious rites for the individual and collective dead to tell them they had died and to guide them. If we do not redeem our dead who will?

Those familiar with the Bardo Thodol “Tibetan Book of the Dead” will notice how often “The Art of the Craft of Dying” is referred to in the Introduction and Footnotes.