Freud/Jung Letters

Dear Professor Freud, 12 July 1908

Again I have had to keep you waiting a long time for my answer.

I am not a free agent and always have to adjust my decisions to the wishes of half a dozen other people.

That takes time.

In August’ my chief has four weeks leave, during which time I shall naturally be chained to the Clinic.

In September (1-15) I go on holiday.

On the 16th I shall be home again until the 28th, when my military service begins, lasting until the end of October.

So if you cared to spend a few days with us between the 16th and the 28th I would be very happy.

I should like to spend the miserably short holiday I have in lazy solitude; God knows I need it.

This summer term has been grueling.

If I am back in the Clinic at the end of September, I hope my chief will relieve me of most of my duties so that I can devote all my time to you.

Please forgive me for not going further into your work plans in my last letter. I simply took them as settled.

Of course I agree with your putting the “Phobia” in the first number and the “Aphorisms on Obsessional Neurosis” in the second.

On the other hand I hope you won’t mind a mild protest at your lavishing your ideas and articles on Hirschfeld or Marcuse or even Moll.

Naturally I won’t presume to stop you, since I don’t know your reasons.

Your ideas are difficult enough for the layman to understand as it is, but they all have a continuity of logical development, and I think it ill advised to scatter them at random on good and stony ground alike.

Some fall by the wayside, and the people tread them underfoot; some fall among thorns, and the thorns choke them;” whereas I hope the Jahrbiicher will gather up the scattered seeds and so give a faithful picture of the edifice you have built.

I should be grateful if you could let me have your contribution to the first number by the beginning of the winter.

I hope Binswanger’s will also be finished by then, as well as the abstracts.

All my available time last week was taken up by Dr. Campbell,” ~Carl Jung, Freud/Jung Letters, Vol. 1, Pages 163-164