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The Red Book

It is important to note that there are around twelve separate fantasies that Jung may have regarded as precognitive:

1-2. OCTOBER, 1913
Repeated vision of flood and death of thousands, and the voice that said that this will become real.

  1. AUTUMN 1913
    Vision of the sea of blood covering the northern lands.

4-5. DECEMBER 12, 15, 1913.
Image of a dead hero and the slaying of Siegfried in a dream.

  1. DECEMBER 25, 1913
    Image of the foot of a giant stepping on a city; and images of murder and bloody cruelty.

7- JANUARY 2,1914
Image of a sea of blood and a procession of dead multitudes.

  1. JANUARY 22, 1914
    His soul comes up from the depths and asks him if he will accept war and destruction. She shows him images of destruction, military weapons, human remains, sunken ships, destroyed states, etc.

  2. MAY 21, 1914
    A voice says that the sacrificed fall left and right.
    10-12. JUNE-JULY 1914

Thrice-repeated dream of being in a foreign land and having to return quickly by ship, and the descent of the icy cold. ~The Red Book; Liber Novus; Page 202.

Footnote 91: See below; pp. 198-9, 231, 237, 241, 252, 273, 305, 335.