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The problem of the next Platonic Month, namely Aquarius.
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[Carl Jung and the problem of the next Platonic Month, namely Aquarius.]

If, as seems probable, the aeon of the fishes is ruled by the archetypal motif of the hostile brothers, then the approach of the next Platonic month, namely Aquarius, will constellate the problem of the union of opposites.

It will then no longer be possible to write off evil as the mere privation of good; its real existence will have to be recognized.

This problem can be solved neither by philosophy, nor by economics, nor by politics, but only by the individual human being, via his experience of the living spirit, whose fire descended upon Joachim, one of many, and, despite all contemporary misunderstandings, was handed onward into the future.

The solemn proclamation of the Assumptio Mariae which we have experienced in our own day is an example of the way symbols develop through the ages.

The impelling motive behind it did not come from the ecclesiastical authorities, who had given clear proof of their hesitation by postponing the declaration for nearly a hundred years, but from the Catholic masses, who have insisted more and more vehemently on this development.

Their insistence is, at bottom, the urge of the archetype to realize itself. ~Carl Jung; Aion; Page 87.