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Essays of Analytical Psychology by Toni Wolff [Amazon]


You see, he [Carl Jung] never took anything from me to give to Toni, but the more he gave her the more he seemed able to give me. ~Emma Jung, Jung: His Life and Work by Barbara Hannah, Page 119.

“I shall always be grateful to Toni for doing for my husband what I or anyone else could not have done at a most critical time.”  Laurens Van Der Post Jung: The Story of our Time; Page 177.]

 “Either she did not love me and was indifferent concerning my fate, or she loved me – as she certainly did – and then it was nothing short of heroism.  Such things stand forever, and I shall be grateful to her for all eternity. ~Carl Jung speaking of Toni Wolff [Jung: His Life and Work by Barbara Hannah; Page 120.]

She had very changeable looks, as so many intuitives do, and could sometimes look beautiful and sometimes quire plain. Her extraordinary brilliant eyes-mystic’s eyes-were always expressive. ~Helena Henderson on Toni Wolff, Carl, Emma, Toni Remembrances, P. 31.