Atom and Archetype: The Pauli/Jung Letters, 1932-1958

Dear Mr. Pauli, May 20, 1952

I read your kind letter with great interest.

I chose the expression incarnation more or less at random, albeit obviously under the influence of religious symbolism.

As incarnation continua, it is synonymous with creation continua and actually means the materialization of a potentially available reality, an actualization of the mundus potentialis of the first day of creation, or the Unus Mundus, in which there are as yet no distinctions or differences.

(This is a piece of alchemical philosophy.)

A similar idea is to be found in Ch’uang-tze.

In actual fact, I do not see any real possibility of deciding on the question of whether the “rotation”-i.e., the course of events-runs cyclically in itself or spirally.

All we have is the experience in the psychic sphere that the initial stage is unconscious, the final stage conscious.

In the field of biology we have the fact that alongside the further continuation of lower organisms, highly complex living creatures also came into being, as did, ultimately, the unique fact of reflected consciousness (i.e., I know that I am conscious”).

These facts suggest at least the possibility of an “analogia entis.,” i.e., the fact that these partial aspects of being probably correspond to a general characteristic of the state of being.

To me, the psychological problem really seems to lie at the very heart of modem-day living.

Unless we tackle this stumbling block, it will not be possible to give any uniform description or interpretation of nature.

As regards “flying saucers,” I had hitherto been of the opinion that it was a “mass hallucination” (whatever that may be).

But now it seems that the problem is being taken seriously by the relevant military authorities in America- hence my curiosity.

The meteor was good, and was indeed a (All good things lie in the —–)

With best greetings and many thanks for your ever wonderfully stimulating conversation.
Yours sincerely,

[C. C. Jung] ~Carl Jung, Atom and Archetype, Page 83