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Letters Volume II

Dear Aniela, 18 March 1957

Here too the weather has been indescribably beautiful, and this has most effectively prevented me from writing letters, but instead I have finished painting the ceiling in Bollingen and done more work on my inscription and-last but not least-rebricked the rivulets to prevent seepage and cooked some good meals and found and bought an excellent wine.

All this has rested me and cured me of various vexations.

But I won’t speak of that.

Thank heavens I have no idea how great is the disorder or order of my correspondence.

My memory has the most astonishing holes in it, so that I often catch myself forgetting not only what I have done but more especially what I have not done.

It is therefore with a sigh of relief that I see from your letter that, what with the good weather and the necessary rest, you are gradually recuperating and hold out prospects of returning to Kusnacht.

I have just got back from the timelessness of Bollingen and found your letter and the very interesting article by Nowacki!

It is of great importance.

But I must give it a thorough thinking over.

I must stop now and say goodbye till Friday (hopefully).

Go on enjoying the spring in Tessin: here the weather has changed.

With cordial greetings and best wishes,

Yours, C.G. ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Page 351.