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Letters Volume II

To J. H. van der Hoop

Dear Colleague, 2 March 1934

As you will have seen, the last issue of Zentralblatt contains a political edict by Goring, president of the German Society.

This edict was intended for a special German issue which on my instructions was to have been signed by him alone.

To my utter amazement this edict has got into the Zentralblatt, against my express wish that the Zentralblatt should be reserved for exclusively scientific contents.

It was not within my power to forestall this regrettable event.

Internal politics are to blame.

In the present circumstances it is incredibly difficult to get a scientific project going without its being immediately scorched by the political fire.

I certainly don’t want to make either Cimbal or Goring personally responsible for this unpardonable tactical blunder, as I know that both of them are under overwhelming political pressure.

If the foreign groups do not support my efforts to maintain scientific contact with Germany, my strength alone is not sufficient to build up a counterweight to the political tidal wave that threatens to engulf everything.

Maeder has written to me that he intends to do nothing in this matter, as he is now devoting himself entirely to the Christian work of conversion in the Oxford Movement.

With best regards,

Yours sincerely,

C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. I, Pages 146-147

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