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Psychotherapy by Robert Hinshaw (Foreword), Marie-Louise von Franz

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The Rock Rabbit and the Rainbow edited by Robert Hinshaw

Original Protocols for Memories, Dreams, Reflections – The Original Protocols for Memories, Dreams, Reflections – C. G. Jung and Aniela Jaffé

Edited by Sonu Shamdasani with Thomas Fischer and Robert Hinshaw as Consulting Editors C. G. Jung and Aniela Jaffé Edited by Sonu Shamdasani with Thomas Fischer and Robert Hinshaw as Consulting Editors.

Protocols for Memories Dreams Reflections

In 1963, Memories, Dreams, Reflections by C. G. Jung, recorded and edited by Aniela Jaffé was published and swiftly became a bestseller. Since then, it has been regarded as the primary source of information concerning C. G. Jung’s life and work, with sales nearing a million in English alone. In short, it is the work by which Jung has come to be known by the public at large.

Memories, Dreams, Reflections by C. G. Jung comprised material compiled and edited by Aniela Jaffé on the basis of her conversations with Jung and was supplemented by Jung’s own memoir concerning the early years of his life and other autobiographical materials, with the participation of Pantheon publisher, Kurt Wolff, who initiated the project. However, behind the scenes, there lay a complex tale of composition, editing and alleged censorship.

The protocols of Aniela Jaffé’s original conversations with Jung reveal that significant material was withheld in the published version, and that much had been edited. While the published version of Memories, Dreams, Reflections by C. G. Jung was cast in the form of a more or less chronological life narrative, the protocols show Jung ranging across an array of subjects in an associative manner in a single conversation, and discovering meaningful connections that he had hitherto not realized, aided by Aniela Jaffé’s sensitive questioning and Kurt Wolff’s prompting.

The protocols present not only recollections of times past, but a critical chapter in Jung’s evolving self-understanding and the elaboration of his work, and a window into his own personal cosmology, as elaborated in his Red Book and Black Books, and only hinted at in his published writings. They function as a bridge that links Jung’s life and personal relations with his work and professional collaborations. For a contemporary reader, they provide a vivid impression of being in Jung’s presence and hearing him speak openly about his life in a manner that is in turn questing, profound, witty and melancholic.

The literary executor of the estate of Aniela Jaffé, Robert Hinshaw, and the Foundation of the Works of C. G. Jung have agreed to a complete publication of Aniela Jaffé’s protocols of Jung’s recollections. The volume will be edited by Sonu Shamdasani with Thomas Fischer and Robert Hinshaw as consulting editors, appearing in English in the Philemon Series of the Philemon Foundation, published by Princeton University Press.

Reflections on the Life and Dreams of C.G. Jung

Reflections on the Life and Dreams of C.G. Jung: by Aniela Jaffé from conversations with Jung by Aniela Jaffé (Author), Caitlin Stephens (Translator), Elena Fischli (Commentary)

Aniela Jaffé presents thoughts and ruminations that Jung shared with her as they prepared Memories, Dreams, Reflections by C.G. Jung. These never-before-published revelations present a kaleidoscope of episodic, philosophical, humorous and enigmatic material, uniquely complementing and expanding on the widely acclaimed MDR.

“Jung allowed his thoughts to flow freely during our conversations, according to the situation and his interests of the moment. When speaking with me he was not hindered by intellectual considerations of possible criticism. It didn’t concern him that his words and insights might require further thoughtful reflection before they could be deemed coherent or valid. If I managed to touch upon a point of interest, Jung did not just answer my question, but followed his train of thought further.” –Aniela Jaffé, from the Introduction

The historical commentary by Elena Fischli illuminates the biographical work with C.G. Jung on the basis of source material. How did the conversations and the notes of Aniela Jaffé come about? What was the nature of the relationship and collaboration between her and Jung? How did others deal with their work? And finally, who was this woman who was so candidly given such a glimpse into Jung’s inner life?

Not much time remains for me at my present age.

I wish to thank all those who have encouraged and supported me in producing this book and share my belief in the value of publishing these notes, in particular Sir Laurens van der Post of London, as well as Robert Hinshaw and Elena Fischli, publishers at Daimon Verlag, Einsiedeln, who are editing the text according to my instructions in preparation for a future publication. ~Aniela Jaffe, Reflections on the Life and Dreams of C.G. Jung, Page 10

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