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The Red Book

Red Book Illumination 64.

Are we not sons of the Gods?

Why should Gods not be our children?

If my father the God should die, a God child should arise from my maternal heart.

Since I love the God and do not want to leave him. Only he who loves the God can make him fall, and the
God submits to his vanquisher and nestles in his hand and dies in the heart of him who loves him and promises him birth.

My God, I love you as a mother loves the unborn whom she carries in her heart.

Grow in the egg of the East, nourish yourself from my love, drink the juice of my life so that you will become a radiant God.

We need your light, oh child. Since we go in darkness, light up our paths.

May your light shine before us, may your fire warm the coldness of our life.

We do not need your power but life.

What does power avail us?

We do not want to rule. W

e want to live, we want light and warmth, and hence we need yours.

Just as the greening earth and every living body needs the sun, so we as spirits need your light and your warmth.

A sunless spirit becomes the parasite of the body.

But the God feeds the spirit. ~Carl Jung; Red Book, Page 286