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Freud/Jung Letters

Dear Professor Freud, Burgholzli-Ziirich, 30 November 1907

Last Tuesday I lectured at the Medical Society for nearly an hour and a half on your researches, to great applause.

More than 100 doctors were present.

No opposition except from two well-known neurologists, who rode the moral hobby-horse.

Yesterday’s meeting of our Freudian Society went off very nicely, with much animation.

Prof. Bleuler opened the proceedings with some priceless doggerel aimed at your critics.

Von Monakow- was also present and naturally took the verses as referring to himself, which amused all the old hands enormously.

One sees what a difference mass suggestion makes-there were 25 people present-Monakow shrivelled in his seat.

This time the opposition got into hot water.

May it be a good omen!

Dr. A– was there too. He still exploits his neurosis a bit.

Dr. Jones of London, an- extremely gifted and active young man, was with me for the last 5 days, chiefly to talk with me about your researches.

Because of his “splendid isolation”? in London he has not yet penetrated very deeply into your problems but is convinced of the theoretical necessity of your views.

He will be a staunch supporter of our cause, for besides his intellectual gifts he is full of enthusiasm.

Dr. Jones, along with my friends in Budapest, has mooted the idea of a Congress of Freudian followers.

It would be held in Innsbruck or Salzburg next spring, and would be so arranged that the participants would not have to be away from home for more than 3 days, which should be possible in Salzburg.

Dr. Jones thinks that at least 2 people would come from England, and there will certainly be several from Switzerland.

My Amsterdam lecture, which I keep forgetting to mention for “complex” reasons, is going to be published in the Monatsschrift fur Psychiatrie und Neurologie.

It still needs a bit of polishing.

This week I’m off to Geneva, the second University town where your ideas will never go to sleep again.

With kindest regards,

Most sincerely yours,

Carl Jung, Freud/Jung Letters, Vol. 1, Pages 101-102