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Visions : Notes of the seminar given in 1930-1934 (2 Volume Set) (Bollingen)

The mother holds a grain of wheat, which is exactly like the mysterious Iacchus in the Eleusinian mysteries of which I have spoken already.

It was there not only a grain of wheat, it was a whole ear of wheat which the priest showed at midnight in a ceremony containing the same underlying idea, one could say, as on the night of Christmas; the situation is the same.

The ear of wheat represented the son born of the Great Mother, the earth.

So this might be a sort of anticipation: the mother shows the grain of wheat as the anticipated result of the birth to come.

And the bird takes that grain and flies up into the air with it, we don’t know where.

This is very typical of the beginning of visions: it begins at the bottom, as it were, as if the whole world had to be built anew, or as if nothing had ever happened before; and then it carries the thought through until it reaches the stage that is not yet and that never has been: it reaches the future.

It is often as if such a series covered the whole way, as if each series extended from hell to heaven, fron the beginning to the end, as if it ware a complete cycle more or less clearly formulated.

In the beginning of, the future stage is rather dimly characterized, then later it becomes more and more clear, and the beginning gets blurred. This is a general characteristic of such visions.

I cannot tell you how far the patient has been influenced by her reading her; it is possible that she has read about the ceremony at Eleusis.

I mush verify that point.

Here is the next vision: “I beheld a horse which changed into a ram and then into a bull.” ~Carl Jung, Visions Seminar, Page 142.