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Your thinking is bold, far-reaching, and philosophical. ~Carl Jung to Sabina Spielrein, August 8, 1911.
Your study is extraordinarily intelligent and contains splendid ideas whose priority I am happy to acknowledge as yours. ~Carl Jung to Sabina Spielrein, Dec. 23, 1912
Minds such as yours help advance science. You [definitely] must become a psychiatrist. – Jung to Spielrein, (Spielrein 13 June 1909, p. 101)
You will see that this investigation is the necessary preliminary work for the psychology of Dem. praec. Spielrein’s case is proof of that (it’s in the Jahrbuch). ~Carl Jung, Freud/Jung Letters, Vol. 1, Page 23.
He [Jung} is honest and points this out in his writings long afterwards, recollecting that it is his pupil, Dr Spielrein, who had the idea, and stressing that Freud later borrowed it from her (Jung 1911–12, para. 504, note no. 38). Her idea, his idea … Jung does not fail to state explicitly Sabina’s intellectual independence. ~ Mireille Cifali, Sabina Spielrein, a woman psychoanalyst: another picture, Page 3
She succeeds in writing, and is consequently recognized for her fine intelligence, her exacting mind, and her bold ideas. Freud describes her work as ‘magnificent’ (Spielrein 7 January 1912, p. 41).
: another picture, (ibid., p. 41), and her name is published alongside that of Freud and Jung. They encourage her to write. She signs her articles. This is remarkable, for though women are accepted as psychoanalysts, they are mainly known for being clinicians, not theoreticians. They are not known for their writing. ~Mireille Cifali, Sabina Spielrein, a woman psychoanalyst: another picture, ~Mireille Cifali, Sabina Spielrein, a woman psychoanalyst: another picture, Page 4
Spielrein was one of very few people who continued to correspond with both Freud and Jung after their split. ~Thomas Kirsch, The Jungians, Page 206
Within the Index of Dr. Jung’s Collected Works he acknowledges the contributions of Sabina Spielrein and her own Works multiple times. (Collected Works, Index, Page 630) [See Image]