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I once said in the seminar it would be by no means impossible that the next savior might be a coloured man for the better humiliation of the white man’s spiritual inflation. ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. 1, Page 81.

Jung always thought, for instance, that a black man would be the next Savior. So in some corner of Africa, perhaps a man will stand up and proclaim the new myth. ~Marie-Louise von Franz, Visions and Voices, Page 60

Those perfectly natural beautiful beings who are so much more decent than we are, going about naked like animals or beautiful flowers, are taught by our Christianity to wear clothes; it is abominable, apart from the bad taste. ~Carl Jung, Visions Seminar, Page 493

Quite apart from the barbarities and blood baths perpetrated by the Christian nations among themselves throughout European history, the European has also to answer for all the crimes he has committed against the coloured races during the process of colonization. In this respect the white man carries a very heavy burden indeed. It shows us a picture of the common human shadow that could hardly be painted in blacker colours. The evil that comes to light in man and that undoubtedly dwells within him is of gigantic proportions. ~Carl Jung, CW 10, Para 571

What we from our point of view call colonization, missions to the heathen, spread of civilization, etc., has another face the face of a bird of prey seeking with cruel intentness for distant quarry a face worthy of a race of pirates and highwaymen. ~Carl Jung, MDR, Page 248

The dignity of man— an essential notion still to be learned by all missionaries! ~Carl Jung, Hans Schmid Guisan Letters, Pages 100-114

When those doubtful blessings, missionaries, stop the initiation ceremonies of a tribe, it always decays. When you take these rites from the people they lose their sense of life, and then they just go from one cigarette to the next, and from one drink to the next. ~Carl Jung, ETH, Page 216.

[The forthcoming “Jaffe Protocols” which will include nearly 300 pages on “Africa” which were excluded from “Memories” and will likely provide additional insights into this subject and point out how Dr. Jung’s visits to Africa had such profound impact on the construction of “Bollingen.”]