Psychology of the Unconscious

The Zosimos vision mentioned above betrays the same train of thought, where it is said of the place of transformation:

We have already observed that the place of transformation is really the uterus. Absorption in one’s self (introversion) is an entrance into one’s own uterus, and also at the same time asceticism.

In the philosophy of the Brahmans the world arose from this activity; among the post-Christian Gnostics it produced the revival and spiritual rebirth of the individual, who was born into a new spiritual world.

The Hindu philosophy is considerably more daring and logical, and assumes that creation results from introversion in general, as in the wonderful hymn of Rig Veda, 10, 29, it is said:

” What was hidden in the shell,
Was born through the power of fiery torments.
From this first arose love,
As the germ of knowledge,
The wise found the roots of existence in non-existence,
By investigating the heart’s Impulses.” ~Carl Jung; Psychology of the Unconscious.