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The hall is bleak. There is the shining crystal. I need to walk up to it and look into its play of fire.

I see in a fiery corona the mother of God with the child as if in an old painting. Peter stands to her left, bowing.

Peter alone with the keys- the Pope with a triple crown in a festive audience-a sitting Buddha appears in a circle of fire – now a many-armed Kali,- this bloody Goddess-now Salome herself desperately wringing her hands, now that white shape of a girl with black hair-my own soul-and now that white shape of a man, which also appeared to me at the time- it resembles Michelangelo’s sitting Moses- it is Elijah. ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Book 2,  Page 186-187

”That belongs to us- what do you want with it amongst men?

Whip and [rn/112] a sharp blade and herbs and the plumbline in the cupboard, and the rifle behind the door.”

But I don’t want to suffocate.

“Then take a breath from time to time, but don’t forget to close the lid again.”

Do you mean human air?

“No, divine air, and afterward back in the box.”

What the hell, the Pope is better off.

“Exactly. We need a Pope, you know, someone infallible who has everything he needs, who does not need anyone since he draws things down from heaven and since the angels give him bread.

That is what your beloved fellow meant, not us. Of course, if men were different-or you.

But, you know- double-sided calamity! ”

“By the way, men could also denature themselves for the sake of the Pope. Just wait and see. The Pope still won’t leave the Vatican.” ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Book 5,  Page 249

Ka & Philemon are bigger than the man, they are supra-human (Disintegrated into them one is in the Col. Unc.) …

Philemon is the inverse of Xt. Ka is the brother of the devil, is the antichrist- the Red Pope. Lenin.”

The “Red Pope” may refer to the Prefect of the Congregatio de Propaganda Fide.) (Diary, CLM, pp. 32-36). ~Editor, The Black Books, Book 7,  Page 164, fn 36

Wordlessly Elijah and Salome step inside the house.

I follow them reluctantly A feeling of guilt torments me. Is it bad conscience?

I would like to turn back, but I cannot. I stand before the play of fire in the shining crystal.

I see in splendor the mother of God with the child.

Peter stands in front of her in admiration-then Peter alone with the key-the Pope with a triple crown-a Buddha sitting rigidly in a circle of fire-a many-armed bloody Goddess-it is Salome desperately wringing her hands-it takes hold of me, she is my own soul, and now I see Elijah in the image of the stone. ~Carl Jung, The Red Book, Page 248

I lock the past with one key, with the other I open the future. This takes place through my transformation.

The miracle of transformation commands. I am its servant, just as the Pope is. ~Carl Jung, The Red Book, Page 250

I know, they call this veneration.

And if they do not find the true one, they at least have a Pope, whose occupation it is to represent the divine comedy.

But the true one always disowns himself, since he knows nothing higher than to be a man. ~Carl Jung, The Red Book, Page 316

In the latter case the I is depicted as Peter, the chosen rock upon which the Church is to be founded.

The key as the symbol of the power of binding and loosing buttresses this idea, and leads one to the image of the pope as God’s governor on earth with a threefold crown. ~Carl Jung, The Red Book, Page 367