C.G. Jung, Emma Jung and Toni Wolff: A Collection of Remembrances

Jung seemed to say that the new era can come through only by means of the feminine principle (through Eros) and that is not only in the man’s experience of his anima.

It obviously has to come primarily through women.

No man’s anima can compare to a real flesh-and-blood woman.

It can, however, give the man some respect and belief and liking and trusting women that can help forward the movement.

On this note I would like to end, because it refers to Jung’s farsightedness and to his specific contribution to the future.

Without it I feel there would be far more delay in the understanding of women.

It also is another example of how Jung’s broad vision did in the long run constellate for me specifically my need to strive towards being a free modern woman with my roots planted deeply in the soil of archaic woman.

The more Jung’s concepts of the animus and anima are understood and the more Jung’s insistence on the conscious realization of these concepts, the sooner the woman’s movement will bring about the necessary changes in our society. At least I think so.

I wish therefore to honor Jung as having made an enormous contribution to this next step in our social evolution. ~Jane Wheelwright, J.E.T., Pages 96-97.