You are the light

Light is a metaphor for the luminous nature of consciousness.

Enlightenment has occurred throughout time, among peoples all around the world. The word ‘enlightenment’ brings to mind the experience of light… shining, luminous, revealing. Light is capable of dispelling darkness.

The symbol of light almost universally evokes a felt sense. This is the power of a spiritual symbol.

Light and dark are universal symbols found in most spiritual teachings. Light symbolizes the true nature of the consciousness. Darkness symbolizes a lack of consciousness.

In myths, the forces of light and dark are often seen in a battle of opposition. This archetypal battle represents the struggle inherent in the process of becoming conscious. Light symbolizes the path toward the consciousness.

The emergence of consciousness is often likened to the dawn as the emergence of morning light. It can be likened to coming out of a dark cave to experience the light for the first time. Light is a quality of consciousness.

Enlightenment is consciousness. The process of enlightenment involves removing the dark veils of illusion that obscure consciousness.

Symbols can be thought of as a map that guide on the path of enlightenment. While the process of enlightenment is unique for each individual, there are universal elements to the experience. Spiritual symbols illustrate the universal elements inherent in the process of enlightenment.

This website provides spiritual symbols for every person in every stage of the spiritual journey. You will find many articles on the path to enlightenment and symbols to guide you in the process of Self-realization.