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Carl Jung: We are completely subjugated under the power of becoming

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Thursday. On February II Jung presented “On the dream.”

He had readied it in 1914 for the Berne Medical Congress, which had been postponed due to the outbreak of the war ( Collected Papers on Analytical Psychology) .

From this point onward, the meetings of the Association for Analytical Psychology were held on the premises of the Psychological Club.

In the discussion, Jung noted that collectivity and individuation formed an antithesis.

There were times when the moral emphasis was on the individual, and others in which it was on the collective. He discussed how Angelus Silesius and Nietzsche failed to resolve these problems.

He also noted: “War teaches us: Willing does not avail- should see what becomes. We are completely subjugated under the power of becoming” (MAP, p. 105). ~The Black Books, Vol. VI, Page 228, fn 108