Visions Seminar

Every Sunday I was allowed to spend the morning with an old aunt who had a quaint old room with beautiful engravings on the wall.

I always looked at these with intense interest.

One was a picture of a vicarage in the country, and the parson was coming out in his robes to go to the Sunday service; he was just shutting the door and about to go down the steps to the street.

I looked at him very hard because he was such an interesting old chap, and once I discovered that he began to walk down the stairs.

I called to my aunt: “He is walking!”

Of course, she said it was impossible. “But I have seen him, sure enough he is walking down the stairs!”

And every Sunday thereafter, that was my great pleasure-to stare at the old parson till he walked down the steps.

If you look at a picture long enough it will move.

If not, it is your mistake, you do not put yourself into it. ~Carl Jung, Visions Seminar, Page 122-123