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For the sake of clarity, let me briefly define intuition

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Consciousness and the Unconscious: Lectures Delivered at ETH Zurich, Volume 2: 1934

For the sake of clarity, let me briefly define intuition:

I. Intuition is a basic psychological function. It is the particular function that conveys perceptions in an unconscious manner.

II. Everything can be the object of this perception, both outer and inner objects, or connections between them.

III. It is important to note that intuition is neither a function of sensation nor of feeling or thinking.

IV. Like sensation, intuition is an irrational perceptional unction.

V. As in the case of sensation, the contents of intuition have the character of a given, of a given fact, quite in contrast to th e thinking or feeling functions, whose contents have the character of something derived or deduced.

VI. Intuition is not an intra-psychic function, but can cover everything: death, life, health, illness, the weather, the stock exchange, anything that exists in nature.

VII. You will find intuitive types among hunters, stock exchange speculators—the fortunate ones, that is—and in all possible professions in which a systematic, routine kind of work is less needed, but rather ingenious apprehension. The intuitive type abounds among artists, doctors, and judges of character in general.  . ~Carl Jung, Consciousness and the Unconscious, ETH Lectures, Page 35