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Visions Seminar

It was exactly as it happened to the Demiurgos: When he had created the world he withdrew a bit to look down on what he had done.

“That is damned good,” he said and was quite vain about it, “I am the creator of the world.”

Then in his vanity he also looked up in order to say, “And this too, how fine it is,” when he suddenly beheld a little light far above his head and knew that that he had not created.

Instantly he traveled up and up until he reached that light so far above him.

And there he came to another world, there he discovered the spiritual world which he had not made, and there the great enlightenment came to him, that worlds and worlds had existed and would continue to exist besides this miserable little world which he had created.

That is a Gnostic myth, and that is a psychological experience.

It describes the mystery in an initiation: here is something which I have not created. ~Carl Jung, Visions Seminar, Page 176