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Visions Seminar

For in formulating his highest principle, man formulates himself.

I explained in a former seminar that the different stages of religious dogma are based upon astrology.

The time of the sacrifice of the bull god was about 2,150 years before the Christian God, the length of one platonic month.

And the end of Aries was reached about the time of the birth of Jesus, a very uncertain date, perhaps 100 B.C.

That is the lamb sacrifice; Christ is the lamb of God and represented as such in early catacomb pictures.

There he is even depicted with the horns of a ram; he is the ram. So Aries was the sacrificed god.

Now if, in two or three hundred years, or about 2,150 years after the end of Aries, a new symbol should be produced, it would be a sacrificed fish, because ours is the age, or the platonic month, of the Fishes.

The Ram as a spring sign symbolizes the first shoots of green that come up from the earth.

The symbolism of the zodiac originated in the south, most probably in Mesopotamia, so it would be the green shoots that appear there after the winter rains.

There are no snow signs in the zodiac, because there was no snow in the country where they originated.

The rainy season was in February and March, and in February comes the sign of Aquarius, represented by a man with water jars.

That is the rain god, and then follow the Fishes.

When Aquarius has poured out a flood, then fishes may be found in that water; fish are like seed in the fertilized earth, or like sperm, they are seed thoughts; they always mean unconscious contents.

So the earth is fertilized, and then come the first green shoots, then the Ram leaps up.

I call your attention to this symbolism because later on we shall find in the Hindu psychology a sort of theory of these phenomena.

There the god in his origin is called the green leaf, and I have a number of pictures by patients in which they symbolized the first intimation of the independent autonomous movement by a green leaf, or a green shoot, or a plant which unfolds perhaps two leaves.

In the teaching of the Sufi, who practice a form of Mohammedan mysticism, a sort of secret teaching, it is said that God appears in three forms. ~Carl Jung, Visions Seminar, Page 111