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Carl Jung: Have you ever heard of a hammer beating itself?

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Symbolic Life

It is always interesting to me to see a craftsman at work.

His skill makes the charm of a craft.

Psychotherapy is a craft and I deal in my individual way—a very humble way with nothing particular to show—with the things I have to do.

Not that I believe for a moment that I am absolutely right.

Nobody is absolutely right in psychological matters.

Never forget that in psychology the means by which you judge and observe the psyche is the psyche itself.

Have you ever heard of a hammer beating itself?

In psychology the observer is the observed.

The psyche is not only the object but also the subject of our science.

So you see, it is a vicious circle and we have to be very modest.

The best we can expect in psychology is that everybody puts his cards on the table and admits: “I handle things in such and such a way, and this is how I see them.”

Then we can compare notes. ~Carl Jung, CW 18, Para 277