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It is a fact, which we can prove in many ways, that an unconscious condition precedes the same thing in consciousness, not only in childhood, but right through life.

Pieces of the personality, thoughts, opinions, etc. which may play an important role later, can be objectively perceived by a careful observer, only not by the individual himself.

This is an empirical fact, and in this sense we can say that consciousness is anticipated, is created.

Consciousness is produced from a quite specific unconsciousness, which anticipates things that consciousness will only later recognise and understand.

It has been thought before we think it; and this makes it very understandable that many people, with a great deal of experience of life, assure us they have the feeling that they were anticipated and understood by a higher intelligence.

We cannot say whether such an intelligence exists. It is possible that certain thoughts exist in themselves but no one knows this for certain.

I investigate such things from an empirical point of view naturally and not from any given philosophy.

If I ever discovered a case in which such a higher intelligence was absolutely certain it would make a great impression on It has looked suspiciously like it sometimes, but I have never met an absolutely certain case.

But it is certain that the unconscious prepares us for the future and anticipates things suddenly become clear to our consciousness and one could say that this is the moment when the unconscious succeeds in pushing the prepared content up into consciousness.

Our whole being is a discovery, it existed long ago.

Perhaps our parents knew it and for long years we did not; then suddenly we understood.  ~Carl Jung, 12 January 1940, ETH Seminar, Page 213