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Undiscovered Self

Just as the chaotic movements of the crowd, all ending in mutual frustration, are impelled in a definite direction by a dictatorial will, so the individual in his dissociated state needs a directing and ordering principle.

Ego-consciousness would like to let its own will play this role, but overlooks the existence of powerful unconscious factors which thwart its intentions.

If it wants to reach the goal of synthesis, it must first get to know the nature of these factors.

It must experience them, or else it must possess a numinous symbol that expresses them and conduces to synthesis.

A religious symbol that comprehends and visibly represents what is seeking expression in modern man could probably do this; but our conception of the Christian symbol to date has certainly not been able to do so.

On the contrary, that frightful world split runs right through the domains of the “Christian” white man, and our Christian outlook on life has proved powerless to prevent the recrudescence of an archaic social order like communism. ~Carl Jung, Undiscovered Self, Page 43-44