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Letters Volume I

To Joachim Knopp

Dear Herr Knopp, 10 July 1946

An author by the name of Jakob Lorber is unfortunately not known to me.

With regard to homoeopathy you are quite right in considering it a continuation of alchemical practice. This is indeed so. I recommend you to take a look at the writings of Hahnemann.

You will find them listed in any encyclopedia .

Regarding organic illness (accidents, injuries, etc.) it can be stated with certainty that these things do at least have psychological syndromes, i.e., there is a concomitant psychic process which can sometimes also have an aetiological significance, so that it looks as though the illness were a psychic arrangement.

At any rate there are numerous cases where the symptoms exhibit, in a positively remarkable way, a symbolic meaning even if no psychological pathogenesis is present.

One cannot say that every symptom is a challenge and that every cure takes place in the intermediate realm between psyche and physis.

One can only say that it is advisable to approach every illness from the psychological side as well, because this may be extraordinarily important for the healing process.

When these two aspects work together, it may easily happen that the cure takes place in the intermediate realm, in other words that it consists of a complexio oppositorum, like the lapis. In this case the illness is in the fullest sense a stage of the individuation process.

I don’t know under what conditions you could study in Switzerland. But I would advise you to write tentatively to the Dean of the Medical Faculty [in Zurich) .

Someone there might be able to help you.

I myself have long since given up lecturing at the University, nor do I lecture any more at the Federal Polytechnic. So in this respect I can give you no information.

..Unfortunately I don’t know any psychotherapist for you now in Germany why has my confidence.

Some of these people are dead, some have disappeared. As you know, my teachings were suppressed as much as possible in Germany both before and during the “era .”

Consequently, though I am very well known in Anglo-Saxon countries only a very few people know me in Germany-a land of the dead as you rightly say.

Yours truly,

C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. 1, Pages 428-429.