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Hedwig Sturzenegger Bendel was a first cousin of Emma Jung

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Hedwig Sturzenegger, nee Bendel (1876- 1912), was a first cousin of Emma Jung’s.

She died of leukemia. In Memories, Jung wrote: “I dreamed that my wife’s bed was a deep pit with stone walls.

It was a grave, and somehow had a suggestion of antiquity about it.

Then I heard a deep sigh, as if someone were giving up the ghost.

A figure that resembled my wife sat up in the pit and floated upward.

She wore a white gown into which curious black symbols were woven.

I awoke, roused my wife, and checked the time.

It was three o’clock in the morning.

The dream was so curious that I thought at once that it might signify a death.

At seven o’clock came the news that a cousin of my wife had died at three o’clock in the morning!” ~Carl Jung, Black Books, Vol. 2, Page 161, fn 55