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Carl Jung: What affects the body has its influence on the soul, and vice versa.

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The sick were pulled through this hole and this i s still secretly done to sick children. I crept through it myself.

These things really do work just as well as our own chemist’s shop .

What affects the body has its influence on the soul, and vice versa.

In a very difficult case of illness psycho-therapy is always called in.

There are many rebirth techniques. Initiates, for instance, were drowned in a vessel and, when brought out, swaddled like newborn babies and given new names or new garments to emphasise that they had b e come different people.

Sometimes an adoption ceremony was used to symbolise rebirth, the initiates were reborn as children of different parents .

And there is the ordeal of passing through the fire door ; rebirth can take place through fire or water, or through both.

Fire and water are inherent opposites and it is just this which causes rebirth.

When opposites come together new energy is born and this is the purpose of the whole procedure .

The s e things were originally just primitive manifestations, and in earlier times things were simply lived.

It is very remarkable how the human being acts without thinking; it thinks and we do.

The early form is simple experience, then man slowly b e gins to wonder why he does it; then thinking people rationalise and find that what they do has a philosophical meaning.

We have the same idea in the case we are studying.

Th ese things had as yet no meaning for this lady ; you have seen how little she was re ally in them.

It lakes a long and loving connection with such things to establish a relationship with them.

You have to know a great deal to see what these things contain .

If I had asked her what it was all about she would not have known in the least.

Had she known it was the piscina she would have reacted quite differently, with far more affect.

These facts always present themselves in a quite b anal way so that we do not guess what they mean or where they are rooted and what important symbols they are.

We think we are better than our forefathers but all these ancient things are not s o very dead.

I would not even like to say that the burning of heretics is over for ever.

I am too canny to speak of present day events, but I can give you an antique example of what I mean: in the y e ar 700 A. D . the burning of witches was forbidden, 700 y e ars later, in 1400, it was being done blithely, and in the year that my grandfather was born a witch was burnt in a Christian country by a people of Germanic origin.

Our forefathers were just as nice as we are, as benevolent, and as well meaning, but directly under the surface, not far below our feet, is the volcano, and the whole of our culture and reason can quickly be destroyed if that volcano erupts.

We only need to think of the orgy of blood which ushered in the goddess of reason in Notre-Dame.  ~Carl Jung, ETH Seminar, 5 July 1935,  Page 236-237